Jonathan Herland, D.Sc., M.D.
 Interventional Pain Management

Our goal is to diagnose, treat, and ameliorate chronic focal pain  usually, but not always, of spinal origin.  Our ultimate goal is to  improve the function and lives of our patients without the use of narcotic medications.
        Penn Plaza clinic closed August 2015
Commonly Treated Diagnoses

Spinal Stenosis
Facet Arthropathy (arthritis)
Sacroiliac Arthropathy
Disc Herniation
Postlaminectomy Syndrome
Osteoarthritis of the Hip
Greater Trochanter Bursitis
Shoulder Pain
Muscle Pain (trigger point)
Peripheral Neuropathy
Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome

Dr. Herland's Pain Clinic Locations

CARY Medical Center, Caribou                                498-1394
Houlton Regional Hospital                                      532-4643
Northern ME Medical Center, Fort Kent                   834-1573
Penobscot Valley Hospital, Lincoln                          794-7185
TAMC, Presque Isle                                                 768-4457
Calais Regional Hospital                                         454-8432